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Yazoo 'Reconnected Live' Audio Previews
Yazoo 'Reconnected Live' Photographs
Vince Clarke answers your questions!
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Yazoo 'Reconnected Live' Audio Previews

25 August 2010

If you can't wait until September to relive Yazoo's 'Reconnected' tour then help is at hand courtesy of Mute Records who have set up the audio player below, complete with two tracks from the forthcoming live album 'Reconnected Live': 'Nobody's Diary' and 'State Farm'... enjoy!

'Reconnected Live', will be released on September 27th as a standard 2-CD set, a limited edition 2-CD deluxe edition contained in a 32-page hardback book, and via digital download.

Yazoo 'Reconnected Live' Photographs

25 August 2010

We're very pleased to be able to bring you a peep inside the 'Reconnected Live' package with a preview of two of the photographs, featured in the deluxe edition of the album.

'Reconnected Live', will be released on September 27th as a standard 2-CD set, a limited edition 2-CD deluxe edition contained in a 32-page hardback book, and via digital download.

Vince Clarke answers your questions!

16 August 2010

Last month we asked you to send us your questions for Yazoo. From the hundreds of questions we received (thank you!) we chose a selection which were sent over to Vince Clarke and Alison Moyet to answer; five questions to be answered by Vince, five to be answered by Alison, and ten questions that we asked them both. Today we're bringing you the first five questions which have been answered for you by Vince Clarke...

How did you go about recreating the sounds for the live tracks because a lot of them sound exactly the same as the original recordings. Did you have to start from scratch for each track or did you have to go back to the master tapes and somehow use those? If you had to recreate each track, did you use any of your original equipment to achieve the desired sounds? I'm thinking of your Pro One for the Upstairs At Eric's stuff. Or was it all done with virtual synths? (Adam)
We had the original multitrack digitized and then I reassembled the tracks onto Logic Audio. I then moved every individual note and beat in every track into 'time'. Any sounds that were badly out of tune were replaced with soft-synths sounds.

Vince, did you play any synth parts live during the live tour? If so, how do you decide what to play? e.g., do you always play your fav riff from the track, or do you keep it simple and play the bass lines for example? (Andy)
I played a part in each song and always the easiest part (heh! heh!)

With the advances in technology, how did playing live during the 2008 Reconnected tour compare to the original Yazoo tour in 1982? (Craig)
On the first Yazoo tour I used 2 Fairlight computers. One would load whilst the other played. For the Reconnected tour I used a laptop. This is an incredible advance in technology.

How did it feel to be going back to those songs after such a long time? Were you happy to leave them as they are or were you itching to update them at all? (Carol)
I kept them as they were. It was tempting to update them, but I think that most of the audience wanted to hear the originals.

Would you ever consider having Alison collaborate with Erasure on a few songs?
There are no plans for a collaboration at the moment.

Keep an eye on this website for more updates as we countdown to the release of the forthcoming Yazoo live album, 'Reconnected Live' - which is to be released on September 27th in the UK and Europe and on September 28th in the US - or sign up to the mailing list for email updates.

Yazoo Reconnected Live

Yazoo 'Reconnected Live' video trailer

16 August 2010

A short reminder of how Yazoo's 2008 reunion came about, incorporating vintage Yazoo videos, interview footage with Alison Moyet and comment from Mute Records' Daniel Miller and journalist Paul Morley.

Yazoo's 'Reconnected Live' album will be released as a 2-CD set on September 27th (UK) and September 28th (US) in standard and deluxe editions.